happy birthday, husband.

i go crazy for treats. it doesn’t take much. slurpees. french fries. milkshakes. bite size twix. 50¢ safeway doughnuts. see? i’m not kidding. the littlest treats make me go bonkers. and the treats that take a little extra effort aren’t too shabby either. such as the utz honey bbq chips personally flown special as carry-on luggage from washington dc. perfection.

recently we were discussing treats. i was trying to get to the bottom of what type of cake exactly christian loved. turns out it’s not so much cake. nearly five years in you’d think i’d know this. (remember christian’s past few birthdays?)

anyways, this time around i made him pumpkin pie-cups and strawberry/blackberry shortcake. we had quite a few mini pies left over and he promised to eat four a day with his lunch. yesterday he was dutifully eating his pie-cups when i got this message:

nothing says happy birthday like moldy mini pies. sorry husband. remember how i let you wear this t-shirt even though i hate it? that makes us even, right? right!?

waterfall along spray park loop, mt. rainier national park

4 thoughts on “happy birthday, husband.

  1. AAAKK. I too struggle with a husband that has no love of dessert (something totally foreign to me!). I love that he promised to eat 4 pie cups a day to finish them off. Now that is a promise I would love to make (minus the mold!).

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