somewhere during my early teen years i wrote a very important list along with almost every other girl. while other girls were writing things like hot and good kisser i focused on my potential husband having a good sense of humor while being respectful and a return missionary. i couldn’t tell you where that list is but somehow it was always in the back of my mind.

at the conclusion of my mission, my mission president gave me advice about returning to real life. “sister tanner,” he said, “don’t settle.” and that was it. after 18 months in the middle of brazil while y2k and a crazy election passed me i was returning to the united states with no knowledge of just how big britney spears and the backstreet boys had gotten and only a small realization people besides doctors had cell phones and adults were in love with a boy wizard.

don’t settle, he said. and what i think he meant was, don’t lower your standards. because i’ll be honest, eagle scout and good dancer were among my spousal requirements. if i had stuck to my guns on those two issues i’m not sure where i’d be. there are important things and there are things that you can compromise on.

i try to teach christian moves, but i know the dance floor is not his preference. despite that, i love that he humors me at home when i put a record on and make him dance. or while chaperoning a youth dance he’ll give fast dancing a shot.

what really seals the deal, is when i am watching NCIS. i got into this show only about two years ago. i recorded every episode i could find and then watched them in order season by season. christian washed his hands of my nerd alert obsession. (i know it’s a grandma show, but i just love that gibbs!) he’d usually retreat to the back room of our apartment. but he’d reappear during the episode and dance his little heart out during the theme song. it kills me every time.

and maybe that is exactly what 14 year old little robin meant by good dancer. yeah, i’m pretty sure that’s what she meant!


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