entertain us.

8th grade graduation dance in 1992. in the madison #1 cafeteria. i head-banged to smells like teen spirit. in that dress. school and church dances always got broken up shortly after mosh pits formed, but we all had free tickets to head bang.

i’ll be honest, i was the only one wearing a long sleeve black dress. everyone else picked spring colored dresses with much less fabric. the evening started off formally. i was student body president and my friend jenny was national junior honor society president and together we lit some candles on stage. i’m obviously fuzzy on the details, but the music? that is something i can remember.

the slow songs are possibly etched deeper in my memory because no one asked me to dance that night. when i hear end of the road, november rain, more than words, or to be with you, i am time zapped bill & ted style right back into that dimly lit cafeteria.

however nirvana? that particular album, that sound and the bands that followed would fill my high school years. the day curt cobain died a good percentage of kids showed up at school dressed all in black. considering our school had a pretty gothic contingent to begin with, the black mourning was still definitely noticeable.

seattle was all a bustle recently celebrating nevermind’s 20th anniversary and pearl jam had an anniversary documentary. it felt like a time warp, back to that dance. my cultural involvement with grunge. it was kind of timely then that we were playing rock band with some friends. with six adults and six kids we all rotated positions and took turns selecting the song. when my little band was up i chose everlong. one of my favorites. with me on the vocals and two of my sunday school kids on the drums and guitar we rocked our hearts out.

halfway through i realized just how funny we looked and i schemed a little bit about how we could market “robin & the boys.” we’d probably need a catchier name than that though… we also probably lacked some necessary dedication and commitment. the boys had moved on to a sponge bob song  and i put my mic down to go out back and hold their pet bunnies.


One thought on “entertain us.

  1. 20 years since Nevermind… it’s enough to make you feel old. Like when my middle schooler last year told me she liked classic rock– like Nirvana. I was highly offended!!!

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