and he gave some apostles, and some prophets.

on sunday my little class is going to learn all about the apostle paul. we believe the pattern of apostolic leadership that governed the early church after the savior’s ascension continues today in the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints.  with that belief comes the fact that a prophet guides and directs our church and that revelation between god and man continues. ultimately, we believe in christ. our apostles and prophets are special witnesses of him.

a few years ago the seattle temple was closed for cleaning. bossman was very concerned about the scaffolding on the steeple and inquired as to moroni‘s health. he pronounced it more like macaroni – but i knew what he meant. after a brief discussion about the temple and my invitation for bossman to check out the vancouver, canada open house we found ourselves in the middle of deseret book.

“how did that happen,” you say? well, bossman’s despair over not entering the seattle temple was soon exchanged for jubilation at the fact that not only is there an entirely lds bookstore in seattle, but that he could go inside that.

so a mormon and a jew walk in to deseret book…

first, bossman quickly began pointing to me and introducing me as the young women president. as in, of the whole church maybe? i tried to explain i was just over one section of seattle.

second, he started asking everyone in the store point-blank where they were from; redmond, issaquah, bellevue, north bend, they rattled off. “see!” he said, solidifying a long-standing theory that all good mormons live on the eastside.

third, he went up to every missionary in the store. there was an abnormally large amount of missionaries that afternoon. he’d thrust out his hand or smack them on the back and say, “elder! how long have you been out? where are you from?” the elders eagerly responded.

fourth, bossman asked which apostle was #7.

let me back up. i had had several conversations with bossman about the prophet and the apostles. one day he asked if he got baptized if he could run for prophet. i explained that yes maybe he could be prophet and no, it wouldn’t involve a campaign.

so that day he envisioned being on team apostle, and apparently #7 was what he wanted on his jersey. i found a nearby general conference ensign edition and flipped to the center where all the apostles in order were listed.

“packer, perry, nelson, oaks, ballard, wirthlin, scott… #7 is scott, richard g. scott,” i said. triumphantly he pointed heavenward and cheered “richard scott!” before i could make an exit he did manage to ask the clerk why we carry the new testament… i marched him right out of there.

over the years bossman continues to have a vested interest in the apostles. following president hinckley’s death, bossman left me a note expressing his condolences. he also continues to tune in to byutv every year during the first weekend of april and the first weekend of october. that is when our church holds its semi-annual general conference. during these weekends i’ll get awesome text messages like, “bud packer!” or “love that merlin jensen!”

this past weekend i made sure he was prepared. he said he had his dvr ready. when we exchanged some texts on sunday i was surprised that he had kept up with the apostles and knew that #7 was now robert d. hales.

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6 thoughts on “and he gave some apostles, and some prophets.

  1. This is so funny Robin. I had a Jewish boss for a few years and he was similarly hilarous about my mormonism and about the church in general. He was actually no longer Jewish (long story…his family decided it would be economically advantageous to change their Russian Jewish sounding name to Miller and start going to the quaker church because of the small minority of jewish people in that particular area where they lived, so although he was culturally still identifying as Jewish, he had been going to the Quaker church since his teens). He always said (and still does) that if we would just chuck that silly Word of Wisdom business he woud join up, but how could we expect him to ditch his wine collection he’d had since the 70s?

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