the other day i was chatting with some co-workers about home cooked meals, one in particular from our youth. this meal will never be featured on the food network and i admit it is a bit white-trashy. the handful of times i have made it christian hasn’t even tried to hide his disgust. close your eyes and imagine warm rice smothered in a cream of mushroom/ground beef sauce. one of my co-workers piped up. she had never eaten that in her life and agreed with christian’s assessment of the meal. we asked her if she grew up poor. it turns out she did not. and that is why she didn’t know about this deliciously creamy white trashy meal!

in junior high i remember wishing i had reebox pumps. instead i wore some awesome high top pro-wings from payless. christian wished beyond wish for air jordans. i don’t know what he wore, but i’m pretty sure he is making up for his lack of junior high jordans now.

for a while the delivery guys at my work would wink when they dropped off a package. they quickly learned my husband loved to find great deals online. especially if it included free shipping, at least 20% off and a pair of air jordans. friends think i’m joking when i say christian has more shoes than i do. sometimes he breaks out a pair of pristine jordans for casual friday. it doesn’t help that every grown man our age shares his same adoration. even the costco worker chats him up about his air jordans.

last week i was at a “walk to school” event for work. i handed a pencil to one of the cutest little boys i have ever seen. his mom and baby sister were on hand. this little guy was rockin’ a michael jordan jersey, mini air jordans and a spider man jacket. i loved him. i told him i liked his shoes. he stopped jumping in puddles just long enough to flash me a melt-my-heart smile.

i told his mom my husband had a hoarding problem where air jordans are concerned. he’s even invested in the infant/toddler sizes. she laughed so hard and then leaned in close, as if she were about to confess something crazy. “my fiance is the same way! i swear he has more shoes than i do!” if only we lived closer, i think we would have been sisters from another mister!

in a related sidenote, mr. nba commissioner, if you maybe read my blog, can you possibly cut the crapola and get the ball rolling? it’s either that or they really need to let steve nash play soccer.


3 thoughts on “kicks.

  1. @Tally you totally did move all of those shoes!!! This blog idea started because of you. Christian said, “Remember that time Tally saw all of my air jordans?” hahahahaha.

  2. FYI-Zack does share the love of all things MJ. I told him that he is a grown up lawyer who works hard now and if he wanted Air Jordans then he should buy them. And he did. And he loves them. And he wants to name our first son Jordan. Or Jimmer. Neither is happening, but I will invest in more shoes if he wants them.

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