oh my mothers.

eating at granny's, circa 1985?

a while back kids in my youth group gave me a hard time about every facebook profile picture of mine including me eating. to rile the kids up, i began rotating my eating pictures around. of my 23 profile pictures, only six include the consumption of food:

me drinking coke at the waffle house in harrisonburg, va. me eating in ‘n’ out burger at jocelyn’s wedding in california. me eating cafe rio in utah. my head with a photo- shopped taco. me eating at the newly opened five guys in seattle with bossman. me eating mini doughnuts at pike place market with nancy.

i admit it. i love food. i love baking it, cooking it, eating it, all of it… as documented by this sweet picture becky sent me when my cousins tackled a scanning project.

it makes sense then, when christian said we should go to the byu game at oregon state, what i really heard was, we should go to portland to eat at every. single. food. cart.

we tried to tackle the food carts. but sadly, all the carts were closing down. with 10 minutes left we spread out. christian and taylor gave way to the siren call of bbq while tally grabbed indian and i enjoyed my styrofoam container of deliciously steaming pad thai.

later that night we stopped at voo doo doughnuts and i had a mini breakdown trying to pick just one. i also had some breakdowns trying to limit my book purchasing at powell’s books. i managed to find some skippyjon jones board books on clearance!

the next morning was mothers, which christian affectionately refers to as “the mothers.” you can tell we’re all stoked to be at the mothers. taylor and christian especially.

mother's bistro, portland

oh yeah, and then we hit the road and went to a football game or something.

highlights include: ironically sitting on the same row as our friend’s family and two rows in front of other friends. mom-jeans dancing entertainment directly in front of us. OSU fans waving signs that said CTB (choose the beavers) instead of CTR. chasing down cosmo for christian’s photo op and learning about rushing yards.


6 thoughts on “oh my mothers.

  1. I live for food. I swear we are such kindred spirits and I soooo wish we lived closer so we could meet for lunch once in awhile. SOMEDAY we will eat ourselves to death when I come visit. Can I just tell you how glad I am that we were neighbors in the MTC and that we could go on splits since we were both in threesomes. I love that you blog and I get to read your humor and feel your testimony.

  2. Mini Donuts at the market! Breakfast foods! I need a recipe for the french toast we ate on Sat and I am going to make it even if all my kids decline;-)

  3. Have you been to Cupcakes Jones in Portland or The Bowl? Love love love Portland and I double triple love food! Hey, have you guys been to Portage bay in Seattle- the brunch is phenomenal

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