opposites attract.

this week we had a little seminar at work on budgeting. for a year now we’ve been using a budget. it is actually pretty fun. well, i think the fact that we use google docs makes it fun. i mean, if we can gchat with each other while we do our budget spreadsheet, that is pretty fancy.

the seminar began with taking a quiz. we had an imaginary $100 to spend, we then chose between two different items. we repeated this about 20 times. the end result would show us what we valued. apparently i value clothes, socialization and eating out. in my defense, if the starting point had been larger, say an imaginary $1,000, i would have picked car, mortgage or savings every time!

the whole scenario reminded me of just how different christian and i are. we’ve been great with our budget. we are probably some of the only people at work who bring our lunches. we get most of our movies from the library. we get our clothes on super sale at outlets. but, when it comes down to it, i go crazy for an eating out date with fountain pop! christian does not.

christian started a mba program. that means he has some really long days, leaving early and coming home late. one night he was a little grouchy. i just went upstairs, got ready for bed and read my book. he came up a little while later to check in. i told him not to worry, i knew he needed his alone time. i told him to go watch his favorite show.

so when he took the myers-briggs personality test i was eager to compare. as i answered the questions i laughed, knowing i was picking the polar opposite choice. and the results were just that. exactly opposite.


One thought on “opposites attract.

  1. Brannon and I are the same way! We just came into some extra money and Brannon got to choose how it was spent . . . guess who got a new flat screen 47″ yada yada yada TV? Well, it wasn’t me. Cause thats a stupid idea, right?

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