green onions.

last weekend christian had a school retreat. friday night, i ran a few errands by myself in seattle. one of which included dropping my wedding rings off at the jeweler. by the time i was ready to head home i was stuck in husky basketball traffic and starving.

i stopped at safeway to get some dinner and some supplies i needed for a quiche i was making the next morning.

while i wandered the vacant aisles i stumbled upon the safeway clearance shelf. i glanced over everything and their neon orange 50% off stickers. among the soup cans and rice mixes was a pack of two pregnancy tests for $5.50.  well, of course i put it in my basket. those little suckers are expensive!

i headed to checkout and put my five items on the conveyor belt. bbq chips. deli sandwich. half and half. green onions. pregnancy test.

as the kid scanned the pink ept box i suddenly got extremely self-conscious. i wasn’t wearing a ring, and i was buying a random assortment of stuff. from his viewpoint it probably looked like the pregnancy test had been my only reason for shopping at safeway that night and the other products were just to throw the checkout boy off my trail.

“so, green onions huh?” he said pointedly as he eyed my left hand and placed my pregnancy test in the plastic bag.

i muttered something about quiche and sheepishly ran away.


6 thoughts on “green onions.

  1. Hi! Thanks for the baby blankets…they are BEAUTIFUL! BTW, I’ve always felt a bit awkward buying pregnancy tests too…like the cashier knows more about me than I’d like and they’ll be checking me out every time I come into the shop…looking for signs.

  2. My most awkward pregnancy test buys was when they were locked up (!?) behind the pharmacy counter and I had to find a check out person to unlock it for me.

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