clang, clang, clang went the trolley.

one of the very first things i learned about christian was that he hated mayonnaise and that he loved oasis. specifically noel gallagher. christian keeps pushing for our firstborn to be named noel, but i’ve vetoed that just like he vetoed agnes. surprisingly there is a noel-agnes twist. an alternate to agnes is anais which happens to be noel’s daughter’s name…

in 2003 christian and i met at a house party we both hadn’t planned on attending. i spotted him because of the soccer jersey he wore. we left the party with mutual friends and ended up in the middle of the night in occoquan, virginia. we stopped in one old-timey tavern. i pulled him onto the dance floor while the live band played sweet home alabama. after that the rest of our group decided to go skinny dipping in the rock quarry. we waited by the cars, without keys, in the pitch black getting mauled by mosquitoes.

2004 our paths crossed again at a fireside given by elder richard g. scott for all the young single adults in the dc region. a few dates followed before he drove across the country to begin law school at seattle university. somewhere in there he slipped me a cd full of oasis music but sung by noel.

the summer of 2005 my 16-year old sister came to visit. we picked christian up on the way to a lake activity. asia proceeded to play match maker. she told christian i was bad at flirting and that we were supposed to get married.

and 2006, well, 2006 is when i guess i learned how to flirt. zing, zing, zing went my heart strings.

earlier this month we spent a weekend in the bay area for fun, but mostly to see noel. we played the tourists exploring alcatraz, chatting with some hokies on the ferry, eating delicious bread bowls at boudin, sampling ghiradelli chocolate, watching the bushman scare people, almost dying driving down lombard street, being entertained by a chained up homeless man who then unchained himself, riding the hyde trolley, talking to south africans on the trolley(!), visiting the cable car museum, wandering through china chinatown and walking on the golden gate bridge.

we ate great food (including california mexican food, buck’s, kara’s cupcakes, in-n-out burger and homemade gnocchi) with our friends, enjoyed a driving tour of stanford and walked through the big basin redwoods.

oh, and there was that concert we went to. we had awesome seats in the orpheum theater and i really enjoyed the concert, but that may or may not have been due to the massive amounts of weed being smoked stealthily nearby.

dear dittmers (& san francisco) thanks for a bueno weekend!


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