the baby hairs.

sometimes i have a bad day. sometimes the baby hairs have a bad day.

my cousin and i would always covet girls with beautiful, shampoo commercial, swishy hair. come to think of it, i think most of her girls were born with that amazing sleeping beauty-esque hair.

actually aurora’s hair is what i always aspired too… despite the fact my hair grows painfully slow and then there is the issue of the baby hairs. they definitely have a mind of their own.

christian likes to check in on them and by checking in, i mean draw attention to their rascally behavior.

there was a time when the baby hairs cooperated, back when i lived in a small virginia town with two super walmarts.

the end of november marks five years since i left that life. and the end of december brings five years since i started my new one.

i’ve been feeling pressure to create and finalize our traditions. i feel like i have been waiting until it isn’t just the two of us to implement those. last night i studied up on christmas traditions from all of our ancestral countries. as much as i wanted to honor my danish roots, i just don’t dig rice pudding.

so i guess our rag-tag team consisting of our levenworth nutcracker, mozambican holy family and lego advent calendar will have to do for now.


5 thoughts on “the baby hairs.

  1. Last week I got home from a haircut and Paul said “Oh, wow, you look so different!” Then he sat there and tried to figure out what was different- the length (no, only a trim), the color (no, the same exact color), the bangs (no, just a trim). He finally said “Oh, you have swish hair!” It was a notable moment in my life and lasted approximately 3 hours until I went running and then I returned to normal fuzziness. Sigh.

    I am still trying to figure out traditions. I always felt like traditions should happen naturally (and some of them do), but I am learning that they take a lot of planning!

  2. I’ve always thought you had GREAT hair. Seriously – sometime you need to teach me how to curl my hair without it going all wacky frizzy.

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