while shepherds watched their flocks.

christmas eve 1981

two recent interactions make me think the “i am mormon” campaign in seattle should consider extending its stay.

during a casual conversation with the fish guy about christmas plans he mentioned his married sister in montana really wants him to visit. he then said, “her husband is a mormon. you know. so he’s really in to christmas.”

i pictured chevy chase gathering his family on the lawn as he lit the griswald house with tacky lights.

i like the fish guy. so before he perjured himself further i disclosed my mormon-ness. i then explained mormons love christmas just as much as the next christians but his brother in law’s christmas loving is probably a result of his familial traditions rather than his mormon ties.

then i was chatting at our holiday party with a guest i’ve known for several years. he asked what traditions i grew up with. i told him how every christmas eve we’d get to dress up in granny’s things while grandpa read from luke 2 and we did our best to solemnly play our roles with cues from the aunts and uncles.

this, in my mind, was a pretty standard tradition. he however, could not get past the part where we did this dramatization for an audience of  just our family.

he asked what church i grew up in. when it was revealed i belonged to the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints i got a blank stare.

“the mormons?” i offered. understanding crossed his face and then, “oh! my neighbors are mormons but they’re really weird!”

follow-up questions produced evidence that his neighbors are either prairie skirt wearing polygamists or frumpy non-stylish mormons. i’m still a little unclear.

he then leaned in and said, “they’re super mormon. like, really, really mormon. they wear the underwear!”

i think i blew his mind when i told him not only am i super mormon, but i wear the underwear too.


4 thoughts on “while shepherds watched their flocks.

  1. curses on frumpy mormons who make people think that “sister wives” is an accurate portrayal of our religion. glad you set him straight. 🙂

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