christmas eve eve.

despite the cards and parties and cookies and presents under the tree, it doesn’t seem like christmas is this weekend.

we set our limit low this year for gifts. christmas came in june since buying a house is kind of a big deal.

add to that the fact that grown up shopping is kind of anti-climatic, especially when you can get something if you want any time during the year. plus it’s hard to be sneaky when you are looking at the same bank account.

last week i found a $7.50 water belt at tj maxx. back when christian trained for his marathon he tried to put mine on, so i knew he had been interested at one point. i snagged it up. by the time i got home i was second guessing the purchase.

rather than reserve it with the christmas loot i unceremoniously dumped the bag on his lap. i was all set to return it since i thought he’d think it was nerdy.

he was stoked. not only that, he loved that it was only $7.50.  too bad i didn’t throw it under the tree. i could have just left it in the plastic bag. we take wrapping very seriously around here.


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