just like with birthdays and christmas, weddings bring two kinds of gifts. there are the presents that you absolutely love; the ones that every time you use them remind you of the friend who purchased them. and then there are presents that make you wonder what the gift giver was thinking.

feast your eyes on these beauties:

an impossibly small salt and pepper shaker set.

given to us by random church friends. their connection to me was removed since my brother and parents befriended them after i left for college.

the offending gift givers made this purchase at an upscale artsy shop. we thought perhaps we’d exchange it – but the entire shop is stocked in miniature.

despite my efforts to get rid of them, they mysteriously never make it to goodwill.

i blame christian. he has a soft spot for these little guys. he has taken to playing a hide and seek game with them. just last week i opened my nightstand to find them nestled within. i retaliated by placing them in his underwear drawer… and so the “where’s waldo” of wedding gifts continues.

five years later, these little buggers are here to stay.


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