there is a squid on my fridge.

last week brought snow, ice and a power outage. it was just before 6am when we saw all the lights flash and then go out. it’s funny how laying there, in the darkness, i thought it was going to be a fun adventure. the adventure wore off as the temperature in our house dropped and every single one of our portable electronics powered down. i also realized we did not have any hot water and i had no way of cooking. i was mostly concerned about our freezers.

just days before i had taken inventory of everything in the small freezer and chest freezer. i had made a list of all the meals i had ready to go. i was even a little bit impressed with myself. scratch that. i was a lot impressed with myself. thinking about all that food being lost made me more panicky than not taking a shower for the next few days.

the day progressed, and as the sun set, christian’s nerves went with it. he had felt compelled to buy a generator just last month. he researched them out and even decided on the one he wanted. he then talked to a few people. their assurances that the power never goes off for more than a few hours quieted the prompting he had felt. and there we were, semi-helpless.

we trekked up the street and stayed with our friends. their toasty generosity saved the day. not only did they have a fireplace, but they had a generator. we bounced around the next day to friends who did have power. oooing and awing at their televisions all lit up, or their stoves that worked. christian became more resolute about his feeling to be prepared. and so we drove to portland. to buy the generator he had picked a month before.

spiritual preparedness is emphasized in the parable of the ten virgins. it is a dramatic telling of how we each, individually, need to obtain and keep our oil replenished to light our personal lamps. that kind of oil cannot be borrowed or shared. in this instance of our temporal need, i’m grateful that we were able to rely on the goodness of our friends.

and the squid? well, their daughter has two older brothers who love to indoctrinate her about sperm whales, giant squids and lego star wars. i luckily got one of her originals.


3 thoughts on “there is a squid on my fridge.

  1. I have been looking to buy a solar oven and have also felt compelled to get a generator. Can you save me some research time and tell me which one you decided to get? I trust Christian’s research methods, I continue to buy braeburn over honey crisp because of his apples to apples research, although I love honeycrisp! (Tell him I still miss ohpepper!)

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