when i was six i accompanied my dad, on my birthday, to mcdonald’s where we picked up a birthday cake, several balloons and orange drink. i remember peaking over the counter and watching the workers fill several cups with the orange hi-c and thinking, “i love orange drink!” upon questioning he told me the cake was for someone else and i gullibly believed.

we returned home to my surprise birthday party. and i was beyond surprised.

saturday i celebrated early with some great ladies. on sunday at midnight my phone buzzed with a text from my little sister who loves to text birthday wishes right at midnight. all the next day there was a birthday explosion on facebook and my phone topped off with a super fun bday lunch with friends.

despite all of that, i was dreading my drive home. christian has monday night class this quarter so i was going home to an empty house with no plans. in the afternoon christian called and encouraged me to head home early. it was my birthday and i was still sick, he offered. i should come home early.

i did not head home early.

i took my sweet time getting home. i called christian on the way, checking in with him before his class. he told me he was studying. he was sad i wasn’t able to leave early, you know, since it was my birthday and all and i didn’t feel well. i made plans for dinner alone that night and stopped by the grocery store.

when i finally rolled up to the house i noticed there were no packages on the porch. there should have been packages on the porch. the garage door opened and revealed christian’s car. i was so excited. that sneaky husband told his professor it was my birthday and he’d be staying home. too bad i didn’t take the bait to leave work early!


2 thoughts on “surprise.

  1. Oh my goodness, I forgot all about orange drink at McDonald’s! I’m so glad your birthday turned out happy after all. Remember I owe you lunch or dinner or dessert or breakfast – orange drink and a cheeseburger? 🙂

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