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last summer while we speculated on what our new church callings would be i was a little cocky. there were a few vacancies i thought should be filled by me but each sunday someone other than me was called into those callings.

and so, i was completely taken by surprise when i was asked to be a primary teacher. in fact, i couldn’t leave the chapel fast enough that day. i walked swiftly to the car as christian trailed behind, unaware of the storm that was about to hit.

i cried and complained how i had been unfairly put in a position to minister to other people’s kids when i was just a few weeks out of my second miscarriage. the whole arrangement seemed sticky. i love to teach more than anything. a teaching calling at church is by far my favorite, but this. well, i didn’t view this as teaching. i incorrectly labeled it as babysitting.

i began to dread sundays. as sacrament meeting concluded each week i reluctantly walked back to my classroom feeling a heavy sense of banishment. i struggled through my first few lessons with them – not quite understanding how to adapt my teenage teaching to 9 year old minds. i took it personally when lessons did not go according to plan. i felt the kids were intentionally making all of my planning be in vain.

i desperately needed help. i reached out to others more familiar with primary for guidance. i studied the faith in god program. i simplified my preparation and made some structural changes to class. i outlawed digital scriptures.

during this time some friends pointed out a similar sentiment – it was really important to them to know that their children are in good hands during those couple of hours of church. they want them to be with someone who loves them and is kind to them and really tries to teach them the gospel.

i began to approach my calling differently. it didn’t hurt i was paired with an awesome team teacher. almost 7 months later i can honestly say that i enjoy this new gig.

today the kids were absolute spazzes. something about mid-winter break and exotic family vacations seemed to do the trick. they were crazy but we had fun. we weren’t 100% focused but they understood what was taught.

at one point the kids rattled off what helps their testimonies stay strong. scriptures! family home evening! prayer! going to church! being obedient! and then the best answer ever; two awesome teachers!!!!

i left church loving each one of them a little bit more and looking forward to next sunday when i hear about their weeks.


3 thoughts on “perspective.

  1. When Malynn was in first grade, they had to write up weekend reports every Monday. Malynn’s were always exciting. She played against 10 boys in basketball and won! We went to Disneyland. She got to play Barbies with a friend. We did none of those things, since we enjoying depriving our kids of joy. Her vivid imagination will have to come into play again. Our weekend at Ensign Ranch got cancelled because I’m sick and the trip to Idaho to visit Grammy and Papa can’t happen because Dan couldn’t take the week off and I learned the hard way not to make the drive by myself in February. If she tells you that she did anything besides clean her room or play in the culdesac, then you will know someday she’ll use this stored up pain and become a successful novelist.
    It truly takes a village to raise a child. We are blessed to have a ward that does this job well. Awesome teachers are hard to come by, but they are the ones we remember all of our lives. I don’t remember much of what Sister Alder taught us as Merry Misses, but I know that she loved the three of us girls and that we loved her. Thanks again for giving Malynn a great start to the year.

    1. Oh man, maybe I should take Malynn’s uber-creativity into mind – she was the one who offered the compliment that we were AWESOME teachers! ha ha.

      I think her imagination will serve her well even if it yields a best seller novel!

      I hope your family kicks the sick bug out for good!

  2. I totally agree – knowing that my kids have teachers that love them, makes all the difference to me. I also, since being in a leadership role, come to know how important each person is in their callings. How much their efforts and time and testimonies are needed and appreciated.

    I’m impressed with you, Robs. You is smart, you is kind, you is important. Loves…

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