take me out.

it’s funny what you do and don’t talk about when you are getting married.

i thought i’d won the lottery marrying a virginia boy. however, i never discussed said commonwealth with said virginia boy. i assumed our stint together in washington state would only be for his last semester of law school.

my love affair with DC and NoVA formed a barrier. i didn’t have any love left to engulf the emerald city.

“it’s growing on me.” i’d say.

“i like it here more than she does.” he’d say.

but sometimes what you need is right in front of you.

last weekend we thought we’d have a stay-cation and play tourists in our own city. cashing in hotel points and snagging awesome street parking we hit up the market and all of our favorite vendors and shops. we dined during happy hour at list and had possibly the best gnocchi ever.

we swam in the pool and hot-tubbed it up with a group of drunk and rowdy canadian naval officers. it wasn’t as risqué as it sounds. after 60 days of war games at sea they were just ready to be on land, with people they didn’t know.

we hit the hotel gym and got to watch individual tvs while we worked out, dreamy! (christian = byu game, robin = love actually).

in the morning we brunched at local 360 and happiness to me very well may be brunch.

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take me out, by franz ferdinand


One thought on “take me out.

  1. So envious of the delicious food you were able to eat. I’m glad you had a fun weekend! Next time let’s do games or something…

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