lunch bunch.

lately, during initial introductions and getting to know you small-talk, i find myself distracted.

not by the company, but by the questions. sometimes the question that repeatedly confronts me is about my family and the distance and how often i don’t visit. other times my mind is whirring, thinking about other things. things that may not be appropriate to admit you are thinking about. responses that may leave others feeling awkward even as you feel a weight lifted for your openness.

chit-chat banter can involve issues not immediately relevant to me. but often it focuses on shared interests. talents. how we spend our time (lately i’ve been watching bbc’s sherlock, playing just dance 2 and reading when the heart waits).

here is where i feel i hit a snag. it’s a snag i remember hitting back in middle school. are you ready for it? here it is –> i was so worried about what talent i’d perform during the miss america pageant! clearly my worry was well-placed!

still it’s a feeling i haven’t been able to shake.

it’s one thing to love something and quite another to excel at that thing.

one of my favorite things to do is to be busy in my kitchen. if i can listen to my podcasts while i  prepare a meal, tackle a new recipe, or create a dessert i am so happy.

saturday i prepped a st. patrick’s day lunch for my little sunday school class.

  • green veggies with green ranch (sour cream based of course)
  • green mac and cheese
  • bread with green sugar sprinkles
  • green strawberry lemonade with sierra mist
  • green frosting and sprinkles

on sunday one of the parents said he didn’t think we knew what we were getting ourselves into.

we did not.

two little cuties came home with us and helped us get ready. soon all but one of the kiddos filled our house. church bags and coats thrown willy-nilly. multiple requests to see our “spookity-ookity” crawl space were declined. i felt i was in a constant state of counting heads. with at least one head always missing…

luckily my team teacher kali laid down the law, “no sliding on the floors!” and we got to eating.

i shot down requests for carrots and apples. one side of the table had a bubble-blowing-through-their-straws contest. one little guy kept explaining to me, very politely, that he didn’t know what i put in the macaroni (spinach) but he really did not like it (you can find him giving a thumbs down in his photo.)

when it came time to frost their shamrock sugar cookies courtesy of kali, i tricked them. my sneaky declaration that christian would judge their handy work set them on a concentrated, decorating frenzy that lasted a good 20 minutes. two artists had already bit into their cookies and had to work with what was left. requests for gold coins and toothpicks were honored.

with 15 minutes to go and green frosting on the wall christian hatched a plan i did not think would work.

“okay everybody, get your shoes and coats, we’re going to run around outside.”

and just like that they were gone. the house was quiet while christian chaperoned their chilly back yard hill running. it was a big hit. i’ll have to keep that in my back pocket.

as much as i plead with you know who for twins – i am very glad babies don’t come in a 7-pack of 9-year olds!


7 thoughts on “lunch bunch.

  1. First of all…. are there new Sherlock episodes?! We rarely watch regular/any tv (but plenty of movies….. we’re not THAT weird) so I have been missing out on new episodes.
    Secondly, you, Christian, and Kali are the bravest of the brave to tackle 7 kids at once in the confines of your home. The party was a hit, though….. rave reviews from my girl!

  2. Nothing better than being in a kitchen booming with podcasts. I’m glad the lunch was a success! How could anyone NOT like your cooking? You are Martha Stewart+Paula Deen+Ina Garten+Annoying Food Network Italian Girl Whose Name I Cannot Recall But Whose Food is AMAZING! Darn kid. Leave him off of the guest list next time. 🙂

    1. Not the Italian girl who over pronounces mozzarella! Well I guess her food is pretty good. Tally you’ll give me a run for my money. I don’t even know how to get fleur de sel!

  3. Fun party!!!!! Funny, how when I had one, I thought it was Soooooo hard, debilitating really, now I look back and wished I would have taken advantage and got some stuff done!

      1. you’re teaching valiant 9! that is hilarious. you’ll have to tell me how it goes. my only advice is to change what you’re doing with them every 10 minutes! OH! and start the class with them taking turns telling their favorite thing from the week, then have the opening prayer. it helps them get some of their talking out and they get really excited to share things.

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