today bossman joked we were empty nesters.

we are and it kind of sucks.

my friend’s lease was up mid-february and her last day of work wasn’t until last week. and so we welcomed a house guest. i kept apologizing for the sparseness of her bedroom and the fact we could only offer her an air mattress, but fianna shook it off, gracious as ever.

you may think she inherited her poise along with her crown in 2003 as miss washington – but i believe she was born a classy little lady.  she didn’t just have work clothes, she had work outfits. her office was bedazzled in a new york glam sort of way. her work space filled with pictures of audrey hepburn, beautiful decor ideas and vintage pictures of her gorgeous mother. oh, and lucy. her little dog.

last june when our apartment was cleaned and checked out our new home was not ours just yet. we closed days after we had expected. all of our belongings waiting and locked in a u-haul. on the day after we were supposed to move in, christian had to go to work and i just cried. a blood test that week proved why i was so deathly ill and on top of the sickness i was homeless. it was a helpless desperate feeling.

the turners saved us that first night. and the second – fianna opened up her home to us.

i loved having her stay with us (and not just because of legal access to the carpool lane!) christian came home one night to find us doing a craft. i had discovered the cutest baby food jars turned vases the week before and showed fianna who just happened to have a box full of empty baby food jars. so of course it was a sign.

at my two tv stations i made one or two key close friends. friends i treasure and keep in touch with still. at my current office, fianna has become one of those friends.

this week i think we are all feeling sad little pangs that hit as we walk past her vacant office.

i even feel them when i look at my bright little vases snuggled in the cupboard.


3 thoughts on “pangs.

  1. It’s a rare and special quality when a friend can truly make you feel at home in their home. You and Christian welcomed me, and I got a special glimpse into your beautiful private world – the deep and touching love you share, the way God is present in everything you do, and the laughter that fills the halls of your home. A girl could be so lucky to have friends like you, who leave hearts feeling so full. I treasure you both, and promise to always bring crafts during visits.

    1. see what i’m talking about folks!? even her words are graceful! miss you a ton. christian is waiting on the next craft project… he mentioned something about a mario brothers quilt…

      1. I just happen to have mario brothers fabric! Nah, kidding – but I like how Christian thinks! We’ve started a tradition. Miss you oodles and oodles.

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