gift horses.

after five years of the same guys delivering the same routes to our office you kind of get to know them. especially when you sit very close to the front door, like me. and by get to know them, i mean, they say hello and i comment on the weather. i don’t even remember most of their names.

there’s the soccer-loving tahitian office max guy. we always chat about his kids and soccer.

there’s the cute 6-foot-plus, a little on the chubby side water guy. he always comments on how much water we drink. every time. heck yes, we drink water.

there’s the fish guy who literally loves fish. we like to tease our younger co-worker that her “boyfriend” is in the office whenever he is cleaning the tank, even though i’m the one stuck in a never-ending fishy conversation.

there are the various ups and fed ex guys; the russian, the cigar smoker, mr. friendly, and cranky lady with the braid.

randy the mailman is kind of a celebrity around the office. he is crazy friendly. we really hate life when the other-talk-your-ear-off-creepy mailman fills in. a few years ago we were trying to figure out what the mailman’s name was. while at taco time we spotted a mailman minding his own business eating mexi-fries. of course we sent one of our coworkers over. she explained where our office building was and asked if he knew our mailman’s name. in a booming voice the mailman said, “is he an asian dude?” to which we eagerly nodded. “randy. his name’s randy.”

and then there’s the plant lady. over the years we’ve had our share of random plant ladies. they have all been single with a hippie flare. i imagine them to be cat lovers. every single one seems to prefer to chat up the plants more than us.

yesterday was the plant lady’s day at the office.

for christmas we give our delivery people starbucks gift cards. the plant lady was beyond touched and gave me a framed picture of a plant with heart-shaped blossoms in return. it was an awkward moment where i realized it was the kind of gift i’d have to leave on display at all times, which i have – but recently i reorganized some things and the little frame had gotten buried.

eagle-eye plant lady immediately knew something was amiss. crestfallen, she demanded to know where her picture was. startled by her boldness i scampered over and was relieved to find the missing frame. i propped it back up while muttering an apologetic explanation.

she perked up and told me i had permission to reproduce the image as much as i liked. really? how snazzy is that! any takers? anyone? anyone? one ambiguous heart blossom, green thingy on stone coming right up! just know that the original is only a 4×6 so enlargements probably aren’t going to happen.



3 thoughts on “gift horses.

  1. Thanks for the laughs! I love to read your posts! {A plant lady–I never knew there was such a thing–wow!}

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