of legos, bunnies and dresses.

christian has quite a lego reputation. our friends are aware of it, and our friends’ kids know about it too.

a few weeks ago we had some families over. as soon as the front door opened the boys raced up our stairs. we waited, confused as the husbands fetched the kids. the boys returned but seemed more perplexed than we were.

“where are your legos???”

their whines held an accusatory tone directed at christian.

where are his legos? his legos are tucked in their brand new, sealed boxes on a top shelf of an empty bedroom. it’s the bedroom i call the kids’ room. when i enter it i always see an invisible bunk bed even though my sewing machine lives there.

other legos, holiday legos, are carefully put on display. the kitchen window sill is currently in business for easter.

i love easter.

i also love bunnies. specifically fiver from watership down.

last month i was so excited about my pier 1 purchase of three bunnies. i didn’t announce their arrival into our home – i just nestled them together on the counter in the downstairs bathroom. christian quickly spotted them and asked what they were doing there.

“they’re easter bunnies.” i said. he just shrugged.

everything about easter makes me happy, even though last month the costco easter dress display made me cry. i was captivated by all the pastel painted dresses. christian, a bit ahead, didn’t realize he’d lost me to the siren call of ribbons and ruffles.

even though i have four tubs full of hand me down and new baby clothes tucked away in the baby room, i struggled internally with all the reasons why it wasn’t practical for me to buy any one day easter dresses. at least not today.

i haven’t purchased any one day baby anythings since last july.

and so i stood there, overwhelmed by tears provoked by that holiday fabric. it lasted just a few seconds and then passed, perplexing christian that a dress could make me cry.

but then, i don’t think boys really understand easter dresses to begin with.


4 thoughts on “of legos, bunnies and dresses.

  1. Little girl Easter dresses are the crack of children’s clothing.
    Does Christian have his unspecial Legos? –the ones he plays with, or all they all in pristine boxed condition? I get the “investment” argument, though the logistics of it baffles me. I’ve heard it a couple of times. Where is the joy in keeping those Legos confined? Set them free! Lose some pieces in the dryer! Store key pieces under the couch cushions!

    1. Jill for now they all pretty much remain in boxes. But it’s not really for investment purposes. He said that he wants our kids to have “cool retro Legos” which makes me a little worried. It seems like it would take a few decades for our Legos to be “retro”!

      Growing up we never had sets. We just had drawers and buckets full strewn willy nilly!

  2. There is something about Easter dresses! I don’t do them every year, but I love the years that my girls look so pretty in their dresses. I always apologize to Eliza (we share clothes) because her sweet girl can wear the same dress for years (just in four different sizes!).

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