we seek him.

this morning i will be with my sunday school kids. they will listen to an easter message and then hunt for eggs.

their search reminds me of different seekers.

that first easter morning, a group of women sought their savior and found an empty tomb and at their beckoning two disciples ran together to see the vacant sepulchre.

i love walter rane’s style. i love that from this story, he focuses on the left behind linen clothes.

we all seek for something.

it can be something frivolous, fun or distracting like a candy filled egg. but it is also the supportive comfort of a listening ear or a strong embrace. it is answers heard after a long wrestle. it is requested miracles. it is needed love.

the power of our symbolic easter hunt is this;

we can call on the renewing power of god’s love and the miracle of his grace. (elder jeffrey r. holland)

if we have faith in jesus christ, the hardest as well as the easiest times in life can be a blessing. (elder henry b. eyring)

we can lay our burdens at the savior’s feet. we can allow christ’s atonement to change and heal our hearts. (elder dieter f. uchtdorf)

no pain will last forever. (elder boyd k. packer)


5 thoughts on “we seek him.

  1. Oh, I love walter rane art. I like it so much better than many other prominent lds artists! I have his Joseph Smith in the grove up in Joseph’s room and I love seeing it. Happy Easter! Did you make sugar cookies?

    1. I have Walter Rane’s “Five of Them Were Wise.” there are a few more I’d like to get!

      I ended up making Easter nests instead for my primary class (like the ones Eliza posted) but I did chocolate peanut butter!

  2. I love the quotes you collected here. I need to re-listen to all of those talks. Also, I loved that Pablo Neruda poem you posted a bit ago. You have a way of collecting beautiful things.

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