post-rock the night away.

music is a big part of me.

i was raised a classic rock kind of girl with some neil young mixed in who evolved into an alternative, grunge child of the 90s.

during my high school years i was introduced to latin music and embraced maná, shakira (when she was brunette with purple streaks), ricky martin and the gipsy kings.

i avoided the pop invasion of the turn of the century inadvertently while serving a mission in brazil. there, i just heard rob thomas singing to carlos santana’s guitar on repeat with a little bon jovi mixed in.

throughout the past decade i’ve found myself clinging more intently to the melodies of my roots. when once i listened to and loved r.e.m. and america i am seeking out newer versions of the same indie and folk rock sound.

one prime time tv show and two concerts thrust me on this course correction.

in 2004 the oc was born. and with it came the introduction to hipster music crossing over into prime time. i would eagerly wait for the end credits to roll showing what music was featured on that night’s episode.

based on the oc’s recommendation i found myself in the crowded black cat with carol. we listened to the most random ensemble called sufjan stevens. carol fell in love with sufjan. i just fell in love with his music.

in 2005 i attended possibly the best concert of my life. it was the collaborative effort of iron & wine and calexico at the 9:30 club. i was mesmerized by the slide guitar and proud of a brass playing band from tucson. download the concert i witnessed. you’ll thank me later.

and not to get all music sub-genrey on you, but now days, i brake for post-rock.

i’m not quite sure when or how it happened.

my all time favorite post rock band is explosions in the sky. i’ve only seen them on austin city limits… while sitting on my couch. when i saw they’d be coming to seattle and playing on their own, not part of a festival, i was super excited to purchase tickets. i worried they’d sell out. christian promised we’d get tickets – mostly because he thought a band without lyrics must not sell out.

he was right. we got tickets.

last night we sat just rows away from explosions in the sky. we even walked away with a scribbled set list still smelling of sharpie.

{post-rock: explosions in the sky, this will destroy you, sigur rós, mogwai, tristeza, stars of the lid, el ten eleven, the album leaf}


5 thoughts on “post-rock the night away.

  1. Did we go to the iron & wine show together also? I know I went but I can’t remember with whom. I love all the bands you’re into right now. Sigur Ros just announced their tour this summer. Try to go!

    1. we did go to iron & wine together! i feel like someone else came too but i can’t remember. i do remember that you were impressed that i knew who calexico was. and it takes a lot to impress you musically! ha ha.

  2. um, i was also at the show! it was an amazing show, but i’ll have to tell you the story that marred the evening a bit! loved the post!

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