whoopie pie celebration

our little town has different banners over the main two streets for upcoming events. there was the fishing derby. and music in the park. and the kids’ festival…

the maple valley days poster is up.

that makes nearly one year since we moved in to our very own house in this green forest of suburbia and i’ve learned a lot:

when you search for a hamburger joint near you, yelp recommends macdonald’s.

weeding kind of sucks. your back aches and your shoulders are sore and you are all around wiped out. when i tried to get sympathy from christian after three days of weed pulling he just said, “yeah, it’s work.”

if when you accidentally leave your garage door open all night, or all day, no one robs you.

our upstairs is always warmer than our downstairs. i commented on this recently and apparently christian thought i was doing some kind of stand up routine explaining how heat rises…

picking paint colors and fabric and furniture is harder than i would have expected.

a colony of frogs live next door to us. well, i can’t hear them, but christian says they’re there.

i still hate cleaning bathrooms and christian still likes it.

i basically have macgyver skills. one day our garage opener stopped working. i deduced the sensors had been bumped and i expertly corrected the situation.

where once christian would run through neighborhoods with shootings, our running path has frequent coyote sitings.

kitchen downside: wooden floors = lots of sweeping.

christian still thinks you can decorate an entire house with band posters.

the pantry and laundry are still my favorite perks.

people encouraging us to “fill up all of those empty rooms” still knock the breath out of me.

kitchen upside: after you’re done baking up a storm, it’s perfectly acceptable to wipe everything off the island to the floor.

despite christian’s coaxing, an entire year has not squashed my fear of the deck.


11 thoughts on “celebrate.

  1. A couple of years ago, we had a spree of robberies– most of them happened when people left garage doors/windows open at night. Just sayin’. We’ve done it too and have never been robbed. They probably look in the house, gasp at the mess, and realize that we have nothing of worth.

  2. I think you need to post pictures of your house. I love the things you’ve learned. My purse got stollen from inside my car, in the open garage – here in UTAH! Rude. Washington is better, I guess.

    And picking out paint colors and fabric is super hard for me. I’m retarded at decorating.

      1. You do need a whoopie pie! They’re awesome. I’ll see what I can do about that.

        That stinks that your purse was stolen! Was it in Orem or Lehi?

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