note passing.

carsen cracks me up. he is the third little guy from the left. he is insanely animated about everything. particularly hawaii. but pretty much most things that would get a shrug from us would get a jump-out-of-his-chair-clenched-fists-shout-of-excitement.

the first sunday after christmas he announced to the class that he was going to be an uncle. he apparently was told this news while he was in the shower.

a few months later during a special easter lesson the kids were watching a video showing christ’s life. during the scene depicting christ’s birth, while a loving mary and joseph looked down on a tiny baby jesus, carsen loudly whispered, “that looks just like baby addy!!” (the aforementioned niece).

he once asked me after reading about “hypocrites” if they are the same as hippogriffs in harry potter. i was just as disappointed as he was with the answer. (how cool would biblical hippogriffs be!?)

today, halfway through sacrament meeting carsen slid in next to christian. he was pleased as punch to be sitting with us. he started exchanging notes with us. they said awesome things like:

“which one is brother markanich, you can only pick one.” next to a picture of a huge muscle man and a skinny nerd.

my note asked him what his favorite dessert was. his response: sahara.

when he asked about my friends i said they lived all over. he took issue with one living in wisconsin. i told him not to worry since she was moving soon. he said, “where? some other random place like belgum (sic)?”

during class we talked about promises vs. covenants, how some sacrifices we make are hard, and how sometimes, even when we make the right choice, hard things happen.

i showed them this video at the end of class:

when the lights came up, i was crying like i have every time i’ve seen this video.

i told them i wanted them to remember that they will be asked to do hard things and sometimes they’ll have to do those hard things alone. but, like president monson says, “we are never alone when we stand with our Father in Heaven.”

the kids were shockingly silent. maybe my tears startled them. the girls quickly helped tidy the room and erase the chalk board.

and carsen, well he said these reassuring words, “don’t worry sister markanich. my mom cries at everything!”


9 thoughts on “note passing.

  1. The hypocrite comment made me burst out laughing here at work. I would look forward to Sundays so much if he was in my class!

    1. I wish you could meet him! We were dying over his response to Wisconsin. I kept saying, “I have friends in Utah, California, NYC, Virginia, Florida, DC, Maryland….” but he kept flipping our about Wisconsin! Good thing I didn’t mention my friend in Maine!

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