we talk of christ.

a week ago we were meeting up with our friends for a delicious dinner at skillet before a sounders game. we arrived a little early and had fun driving around our old city. it felt like home but also felt funny that we didn’t just live up madison anymore.

christian took me for a walk across his campus. i’d visited his law building at seattle u before but hadn’t seen where he goes now for his business classes.

along the way we slipped in to the chapel of st. ignatius. seated in a pew at the back of the sanctuary i admired the windows and the hanging pendant lights. i flipped through the hymnal. we sat, still. christian told me about a time he came to that very place to pray for both comfort and confirmation.

with the exception of college, i have usually been the odd man out religiously. i have always really appreciated having both church friends and school/work friends. i have loved getting to know their religions and exploring other beliefs. i love visiting cathedrals, synagogues and other places of worship. in all my exploration i continue to be amazed at the commonality we share deep down despite our differences on the surface. it is those similarities in our overlap that excite me.

over the years i have often gifted something very important to me.

it is viewed by some to divide me from christianity– however, for me, it is evidence of my belief in that very jesus to whom some try to lay territorial claim, edging me out of His grace.

when i knew i was leaving my job i began thinking about who i should give a book of mormon. five years is a long time to work with people. it is even a longer amount of time to share wishes, doubts, trials, triumphs and families.

i prepared 10 books.
i had them engraved.
i marked all of my favorite passages.
i wrote inscriptions.
i wrapped them.

writing in them was very labor intensive but so rewarding. it gave me pause to consider our relationship, and then express to them my knowledge and understanding of just who we are. that we are children of god. that we are brothers and sisters in christ, no matter our religious leanings.

and we talk of christ, we rejoice in christ, we preach of christ, we prophesy of christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins. (2 nephi 25:26)

armed with those gifts, for a split second i gave in to apprehension. i wasn’t sure how a few co-workers would receive my gesture. i put those thoughts aside and one by one the books were delivered. most everyone was excited to see their name engraved. i was surprised by the tears and the hugs. quite a few exclaimed, “i’ve never even held a book of mormon!” and trainer ramses? well even he was a little sentimental!

*if we’ve crossed paths and you would like a book of mormon i am happy to send an engraved, marked, wrapped one your way!


5 thoughts on “we talk of christ.

  1. That is awesome, I love giving the BOM as a gift cause that’s what it is- a wonderful and thoughtful gift. One of the greatest we can ever give.

  2. Hey it’s me again…the Amber from Xalitzintla checking in with you again. I love this post. I love your attitude about sharing the gospel. What a wonderful reminder of how to be a true example of Christ. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the story. It was touching to see how much effort you put into those Books for each of your co-worker friends. Have you started a different job or adventure? I’d love to hear about it. Take care!

      1. I should have read this comment before I left my comment two seconds ago on your most recent post. I shall now be signing my name as Xalitzintla Amber on any comment I leave for you b/c surely I’m not the only Amber who cyber-follows you!

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