boat dancing.

in what feels like another lifetime ago, i would car dance.

outkast’s hey ya has the power to immediately zap me back to nancy’s red passat. parked on m street. in front of barnes & noble. we would blast the song whenever it came on the radio, which, in 2003, was pretty much every. ten. minutes.

we danced our hearts out, while seated, enclosed in her car, blaring the music. we were definitely a funny spectacle in georgetown but we didn’t mind the stares. it just made us dance harder. car dancing would always erupt on road trips to north carolina, philadelphia and new york.

the art of car dancing has also been perfected by my little sisters. in 2005 while asia was visiting me in dc, we gave the backstreet boys a run for their money with our siberia performance. last summer rachel and i perfected enrique’s tonight i’m loving you while in the carpool lane.

being well versed in car dancing i was surprised to realize that’d i’d been missing out on boat dancing.

remember carsen from a few weeks ago? he and bestie sundi went boating with their families and we were invited along.

stopped there in the middle of the water as the sun started to set with speakers booming we attempted a dance off.

but, there was really no competition. carsen won hands down.


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