hulk love.

before i loved my christian i loved the christian of swing kids and newsies.

[aside.] i faithfully watched my vhs copy of newsies weekly throughout high school. i had NO CLUE until this year that it was a flop. who decides these things anyway!? every girl i knew watched two things religiously, anne of green gables and newsies.

i also loved the christian of little women.

[aside.] that book, and movie, should seriously end after laurie kisses jo. best! kiss! ever! the rest is just too depressing for me to finish.

before all of that i loved the hulk.

i am definitely not a hulk purist. no offense to stan lee and jack kirby but my indoctrination stems from the amazing television series starring bill bixby in dr. banner form and lou ferrigno in hulk form.

despite being small,  i was riveted by the grown up scenarios. some of the storyline must have escaped my 4-year old understanding, but the incredible hulk didn’t frighten me. i saw in him a compassionate character. i hold all other hulks to ferrigno’s depiction and it hasn’t ever been quite the same.

we make frequent visits to the lego store in bellesquare. so much so that the main lego worker boy must recognize us, although we let him mistakenly think all of the legos are for our son… on our last visit i was excited to see the superheros debut in lego form.

i only wanted two, the hulk and robin.

they are each a little tricky to get. one comes in a set and the other came after a purchase at certain stores.

so far my christian acquired the hulk for me.

he also promised to take me to the broadway version of newsies if it comes anywhere near seattle.

[aside.] i’d say his love is blowing the other christian’s out of the water… now if i could just teach him to sing sante fe and to do the seize the day dance…


10 thoughts on “hulk love.

  1. Would (your) Christian’s foray into musical theater be a private showing? I’m thinking we’d all enjoy watching him take on the classics.

    1. Jill this had me laughing out loud! I’ll work on him. For now he only performs “Part of Your World” from the movie version of The Little Mermaid. I’ll need to broaden his theater interests.

  2. I love Newsies, too!!

    Your Christian continually behaves in hugely awesome ways. Still adore me some Bale, though.

  3. One of the best parts of driving my girls to school is listening to them belt Seize the Day. My Rachel has been telling me that we need to go see Newsies in NY. I don’t quite know if we can manage it, but it would be fun!

  4. I am with you on the crush–I have always loved Newsies and Swing Kids (and uh…Christian Bale in anything)! Newsies is one of the 4 remaining movies we own on VHS–we can’t quite get rid of the VCR for that remaining classic!

    1. that makes my heart happy that you still are putting that VHS to good use!!! christian always teases me and says, “so are the newsies selling those papes!?”

  5. um, i thought i was the only 4 year old who loved the hulk. i was just showing jeremy the opening credits to the hulk tv show with bill bixby on hulu!

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