i’m good enough, i’m smart enough…

an on-going joke between us since we were dating and flying back and forth across the country (me in virginia, christian in seattle) has been skymall. [see exhibit a and exhibit b.]

with christian’s recent work travel he sometimes brings home torn out pages to show me something hilarious. this last trip he said he had something for me. and then he handed me this:

in case you can’t tell, it’s heidi klum.

i stared at the small piece of magazine trying to decipher what exactly he was giving me, and then he blurted out, “she has baby hairs!!”

and so it is settled. even models with bagillions of dollars and hair stylists and products have baby hairs. i shouldn’t let these baby hairs hold me back one bit!

i’m glad i have my very own stuart smalley in my court.


4 thoughts on “i’m good enough, i’m smart enough…

  1. YAY! I hate my over abundance of continuous “baby hairs” that every hair dresser tries to tell me how to grow out. But now I know Heidi Klum has them heck bring on the baby hairs!

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