she’s got a silk dress.

christian can be a prankster. he likes to leave sneaky things out for me to find.

this week it happened to be an ad for a miracle full-figure comfort bra.

unbelievable comfort! it boasts in bold lettering across the top. so many great facts were squeezed into this 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.

plus sizes available. improves your posture. lift support. no underwires that pinch or poke.

it usually works this way; christian leaves something for me to find, and there it stays, until i acknowledge it. i noticed larger than life white as all get out bra days ago but didn’t say anything.

yesterday a painter spent the morning in the house touching up our one-year warranty cosmetic fixes. i didn’t even think about that pesky bra. or the several spots he touched up. right next to the fridge.

italian leather sofa, by cake


3 thoughts on “she’s got a silk dress.

  1. I keep giggling picturing him glancing at the fridge. One time I had a whole conversation with a neighbor- my hand resting gently on the head of one of my children who had wandered up to the door. It was only after the neighbor left and I glanced down that I realized the child was completely naked.

  2. If only you had the matching girdle ad as well….. The painter would have expected a nice “mature” woman lived there.

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