i was bound for mexico.

i love día de los muertos. that love was solidified the fall semester i spent in mexico in 1998. i love the symbolism, figurines, glittery sugar skulls, flowers, foods and colors of that celebration. it takes scary things like death and spirits and turns them into beautiful celebrations and remembrances of life.

in 2009 we got to spend christmas in cancun with christian’s family. it was a blast! it was my first time at an all-inclusive resort and i loved it. mexican cokes restocked in the mini fridge! chilaquiles for breakfast every morning! mexican breads and cheeses! the ruins! the warm sunny beach!

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on that previous semester abroad i had explored other ruins, but hadn’t made it to the yucatán peninsula. my favorite day by far was the one spent touring chichen itza. i waded through the vendors, not paying any attention to their touristy traps. i was looking for some genuine skulls. christian’s brother was eager to help in this quest.

at one point my mother-in-law said, “that is so funny robin, i could have sworn you said you wanted a skull!” to which christian, jon erik and i all matter-of-factly said, “yes! skulls!”

the day was somewhat of a success. despite being blessed by the fertility god at one spot of the sacred temple, 2010 wasn’t too great. but i did purchase three skulls!

last week christian gifted me my third swatch of our marriage. christian’s collection is much more robust, but i love my newest little guy.

after he set my watch all up with the correct time it waited patiently on my dresser. the other day christian asked if i heard my watch ticking all night long. i reminded him about my excellent hearing to which he grumbled, “it kept me up all night!”

mexico, by cake


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