that’s enough.

my brother and sister-in-law were in the process of finding a new house. they had to meet the landlord and sign all the paper work. i eagerly volunteered to keep my niece so they could focus on the house.

she is a riot and it kills me that i get to see her so little. the last time i saw her she was only 10

months. this visit was so much fun because she is a hysterical little person who is addicted to my little ponies. don’t even think of recreating the theme song like christian and my brother did. mak wasn’t buying their country/rap/gospel versions. she would command them in her little husky voice, “that’s enough!

after fixing her hair and giving her some snacks, she played with christian while i worked on my sister’s mustache graduation cake. the two of them invented a crazy pillow game which consisted of one of them burying the other with all of the blankets and pillows in the living room. that game soon morphed into the hot dog game. this was where christian would wrap mak up like a hot dog. she did not tire of either of these activities.

she did however get slightly distracted when she realized i was baking something.

i felt her little presence behind me. i told her i was making a cake. she asked if she could see it. i let her peer into the oven. from that moment on she mischievously would peak around the corner every few minutes and ask if it was ready yet.

christian often wonders how i can crack myself up so much. i can laugh really hard at my own jokes. clearly, this attribute runs in my family because immediately after asking about the cake’s state of readiness, little mak would run away giggling before morphing into a hot dog yet again.

this process repeated until the buzzer rang. there was no mistaking what that signaled and mak was right by my side to see the finished goods. as i skimmed off the tops of the two rounds to flatten them out i put the shavings on a plate in front of mak.

as she worked her way through the chocolate cake i realized my mistake. there was entirely too much cake on that plate for such a little mak. especially a little mak who hadn’t eaten lunch yet. surveying my predicament i made a hasty decision which ended in tears.

christian tried to console her with the hot dog. and i tried to explain why that was enough cake for now and why a sandwich and banana were okay.

just like she didn’t buy the boys’ alternative theme songs to my little pony, she definitely didn’t buy my, “lunch is very important” lesson. life is hard when you’re just a lil’ mak.


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