i caught you a delicious bass.

a few weeks after we bought our house we met the builder at our foundation on a rainy day. we looked over the sloping yard and discussed some of our concerns. he said off-handedly, “we didn’t plan on this being a usable yard.”

at his words i retreated to the car and cried. we bought this house intending to raise a family here, preferably with kids playing in the yard. i worried we had made a huge mistake.

christian assured me we didn’t make a mistake. he promised we could have a functional yard. it would just take some work. a lot of work actually.

christian has undertaken that work with a pick and shovel each night. his plan unfolds as the trench deepens. i watch comfortably from the window.

he likes to remind me of his hard work in relation to the weeds i still haven’t pulled. last week he saw a friend weeding her yard. when he asked why his wife didn’t like to weed she reminded him that his wife can cook.

and cook i do. although i sometimes disappoint since he likes to frequently request lasagna. i don’t just have ricotta lying around! who does he think i am!? giada-i-pronounce-simple-words-with-an-italian-accent!?

last week after a long evening in the trench, i rewarded him with a nice lasagna.

the weeds will have to wait.



8 thoughts on “i caught you a delicious bass.

    1. You need to get the America’s Test Kitchen cook book! I live by them! The only difference is that I add lots of veggies – zucchini, eggplant, spinach, etc.

      1. I’ve heard so many great things about that cookbook. I need to just break down and buy it. I’ve never added zucchini, eggplant, or spinach to my lasgna, but that sounds so delicious. Do you just chop up the veggies raw and mix them in to all the layers, and they cook up when you bake the lasgna?

      2. You should! They’re awesome. I think I have 6 different ones. You should get the family cookbook for starters. I add frozen chopped spinach (drained) to the cheese/egg mixture for the layers. I add the chopped veggies to the meat and onions and cook them up a bit do the veggies are all in the meat sauce layer.

  1. We should so be neighbors. I would totally pick your weeds AND in return I could eat your food! Sounds perfect!

  2. That looks deliciously amazing. And don’t worry, two years after moving in, my “wild” garden is truly wild and overgrown. Just can’t bring myself to get out there. And I don’t really cook.

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