laugh it up, fuzzball!

confession:i have not consistently kept a journal since sometime in high school and my scrap-booking chronology tapers off somewhere after

returning from my mission in 2000. with that statement alone i’m surprised christian and i ever had a second date. he has written in his journal religiously since he was eight.

we first met in 2003, went on a few dates in 2004 and hung out quite a bit the summer of 2005. in 2006 when we started dating again, we would usually talk in the middle of the night after i arrived at my harrisonburg tv station and he got home from seattle university.

one of those nights he quizzed me on our dates back in 2004. while he read the corresponding entry in his journal, i rattled off all the details. every last detail he had documented for posterity i remembered.

baby brother.

i realize it’d be better if i had been a diligent record keeper. as it is, my memories are getting foggy. they are especially jumbled regarding the summer of 1984.

confession: i had never seen the star wars movies in their entirety until this summer.

i know that sounds fairly un-american, so i better be clear about a few other things: i dislike hotdogs. i prefer my sandwiches condiment-less. i am not an animal person (unless you are a bunny or an otter). i refuse to use facebook as my main point of communication.

so back to star wars. i think we can safely say there are star wars families and there are non-star wars families. growing up i knew darth vader was luke’s father. i also knew people thought yoda looked like president kimball and that princess leia always wore her hair in weird buns. that was the extent of my knowledge.

all of my childhood memories surrounding star wars point to the summer of 1984.

the summer after i finished kindergarten. the summer i, along with my baby brother and all eight of the next door neighbor kids survived the chicken pox. the summer we’d lip sync to “let’s hear it for the boy” in their living room, have slumber parties and watch the olympics.

1984, rockin’ the pink sponge rollers.
bi and baby james.

it was also the summer we went to the drive-in and instead of watching the karate kid or indiana jones, we kept sneaking peaks at the gremlins‘ screen. and the summer we watched return of the jedi over, and over, and over with the neighbor kids.

so you can understand why, after surviving this long on my limited star wars education, i thought i didn’t need it.

but after yet another wasted star wars reference, we decided to watch all six episodes.

my assessment:
episodes I & II = turrible. episode III = my favorite by far, but anakin broke my heart. i was prepared for him to be darth vader, but not prepared for how he fell so far. episode IV = pretty boring considering all that went down in III. episode V = eh.

and episode VI, well i still need to watch it.

i’m hoping my foggy 1984 memory serves me well and that i like the final installment.


2 thoughts on “laugh it up, fuzzball!

  1. I think Madelyn would be appalled 😉 I have to say, I am an original SW fan – episodes IV-VI. I guess you need III, but I’m so so on it. As for V – Madelyn’s favorite scene is the snow scene in the beginning. She named the snow monster Jerry. Just saying. We usually have to re-enact that scene, and the Luke-recovering scene that ends with your blog title, “Laugh it up, fuzzball.” Yeah, she’s only 3. I have to keep checking.

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