christian was starting to get a bad rap.

last month we saw brave at the drive in. we had almost two hours to wait until it got dark enough for the movie to start. christian seized the down time and reclined his seat and took a nap. in our car. on our date. full on sweatshirt over his face to block the setting sun hour-long nap.

two fridays ago i texted him from work asking what we were going to do that night. i asked if we could pretty please go see moonrise kingdom. mostly because i’ve been asking to see it. but also because our air conditioning broke on the one hot week in seattle. i came home envisioning eating gummy bears and peanut m&ms while we stayed cool in the theater.

a few minutes after i got home christian stumbled upstairs to, you guessed it, take a nap. he said he was just too tired. yes he gets up an hour earlier than me and yes he has been digging a trench in the back yard. i guess i could allow him one little nap.

his little nap soon swallowed our entire friday night. appropriately enough i watched the last five episodes of friday night lights season four while christian slumbered. he returned to the land of the living around 9:30pm apologizing profusely at our wasted friday.

although i really hope his napping phase is over, it paid off nicely this past weekend.

teriyaki dinner. movie. hiking with friends by mt. rainier. surprise tickets to see one of my top three podcasts live! and late night dinner at dick’s in our old hood.

we ran from one activity to the next and by sunday night i was ready for a nap.


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