play date.

it seems just when we get settled in – the moment we are marveling at our comfort and ease – things change.

often abruptly.

one year ago i was not thrilled to be teaching the 10-year-old sunday school class. after many years working with the youth the switch required more course correcting than i had anticipated.

this year my class has been crazy and fun. but mostly crazy. they are always willing to squeeze hug me. they seek us out. they wave wildly to us across the pews during sacrament meeting.

i love teaching the gospel. i especially love teaching adults and youth. kids were definitely new territory – but i navigated those waters.

i tried to look over their restless antics and unrelated outbursts. i reveled in the teachable blips when their eyes would spark. when they made a connection. when they understood a concept or shared a perfect experience.

as with all church service, assignments come to an end. i’m going to be serving again with the young women and while i’m thrilled, part of me is sad to lose this little class.

a few of them didn’t take the news too well on sunday. they were already pretty peeved i was leaving them for two weeks to go to italy (the nerve!)

in anticipation of this release, carsen and sundi helped me make class treats on saturday. sundi suspected something was amiss. we dipped brownies and coated them with sprinkles. they repeatedly lost interest in the kitchen and explored the back yard project with christian. sundi always returned first, worried that i was alone.

we settled in to watch nacho libre. they knew all the lines. sitting on the couch with them made me not want to give them up.

at one point carsen asked if we had kids. i somewhat incredulously asked if he’s ever seen us with kids. “well no,” he said, “but i thought maybe they were in college!”

after we drove them home, i realized my house is too quiet without them.



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