birthday wishes.

remember oh, pepper? yeah, so does everyone else.

my coworkers. my church friends. my tv friends. my dc friends. my dc friend’s parents. my dc friend’s siblings. my college roommates. my college roommate’s husbands. my broadcasting friends. my broadcasting friend’s siblings. my mission friends. my husband’s friend’s little sisters.

basically everyone in the world is missing oh, pepper? and emails or calls to ask me about its return.

when christian first started his blog i admit i got a little jealous. mostly because my blog had been around for a few years more and i thought i was putting out such great material. when people started calling christian’s blog “the funny one” out of our two it ruffled my feathers.

but i think i saw the oh, pepper? light a few years ago at my friend’s wedding in the salt lake temple. while we were waiting for the ceremony i introduced myself to her parents. the first words out of her mom’s mouth? “i just love oh, pepper? !”

so there you have it. oh, pepper?‘s fans are clamoring for a comeback.

show christian some love, especially all of you blog stalkers out there and double especially on his birthday, and leave a comment below. i’ll see what i can do when the birthday boy isn’t eating pizza.


9 thoughts on “birthday wishes.

  1. Happy Birthday Christian. Now please, for the love of Dr. Pepper, PLEASE start blogging again! Your readership and fans cross geographical, cultural and religious boundaries and we’re all clamoring for your triumphant return.

  2. Leave a comment here or on “Oh, Pepper”? I think I love his blog because for me it’s so totally unexpected. When I first met you guys I didn’t see him as being funny. It’s a pleasure to see that in people. Don’t think that makes your blog any less wonderful. I love your insights and your honesty. You wear your heart on your sleeve unabashedly and that is a strength that all the humor in the world can’t take away. I think your personalities blend together well. You keep him from being too much and he can lighten your heart. P.S. Christian needs to spend more time blogging.

  3. I love your blog. It makes me laugh. Christian’s blog made me laugh, too. Tony and I were so sad when such a funny couple packed up to move to the “other” Washington.

    Happy birthday, Christian!

  4. I have only met Christian at your wedding. But his blog really is/was hilarious. Happy Birthday, Christian! We hope to someday visit you and Robin in Seattle–I think you and my husband would be BFFs.

  5. Bring back, Oh Pepper?!! I miss having my husband look over my shoulder to see what I’m chuckling at!! Happy Birthday! Robs, your blogs compliment each other. I can totally see what a cute couple you guys are from reading both. Thanks again for the recent hang out. I loved it and we definitely should do a roomie reunion in Seattle.

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