they were all yellow.

while christian slaved away nightly and weekends in the backyard i decided i much preferred painting. and so one week we vacated our room and took up residence in the guest bedroom, which would also soon be dressed up in grey.

i thought we should paint the baby room next. four-walled, empty rooms seemed like a speedy project. christian thought we should work on the bathroom. the bathroom with many little corners and fixtures to paint around.

“let’s paint it yellow,” he said. we compared paint chips and picked a nice, soothing, calm, respectable yellow.

i hoped to have the bathroom prepped and painted before i left town but i was only able to get the walls primed. do you know how many corners are in my bathroom!?

i returned home to a neon yellow bathroom. we’re talking traffic safety vest, yellow. burn your eyes out, yellow. make you look terrible in the mirror, yellow.

“why did you paint the entire thing!?” i asked, stunned.

i always dreamed of having salma hayek’s house from fools rush in. after owning a neon yellow bathroom i’ve decided i’m not that brave.

i think i’ll be busy this weekend.

p.s. a return visit to home depot revealed we were given the wrong color, aptly named neon light.

yellow, coldplay


8 thoughts on “they were all yellow.

  1. Love the wall in the master…is that wallpaper? Please don’t tell me you painted that?! I painted our old living room like a banana pudding yellow. it made me want to lick the walls all the time… it just looked so yummy. 😉

  2. Bahahahaha! THAT is yellow! Also fools rush in is one of “our” movies- you see how it applies, only Bro is definitely Hayek and I’m the other one, what’s his name?

  3. HA! That is hilarious that you were given the wrong yellow. Well, funny, because I don’t have to repaint it. Please tell me HD gave you the right can for free. Also, LOVE the master bedroom!

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