as soon as we had parallel parked i attempted to peel myself out of the car. the drive to orvieto had been longer than planned and the sun was already starting to set.

i stretched my legs and noticed robyn was motioning for me to follow her with such an urgency that i was sure it had been meant for someone else. after glancing around and realizing that she was in fact flagging me down i quickly ran after her.

we sped through the parking lot and began climbing stairs. my flip flops slapped against each stone step. it brought us to the back of the  orvieto cathedral. glancing to make sure we were still behind her she ran the length of the building bringing us to the very front. where we paused to take in the spectacular duomo lit up by the setting sun.

it absolutely glowed, burning like a roman candle. i think we all said “awww!

we stood there, gazing up, at this sacred place that was not our sacred place, but in that moment was made holy. others sat nearby but there was a stillness and a quiet. each captured by the exterior of that ancient church.

it impressed me that i did not have to enter the duomo to feel it.

we would go inside the next day and reverently take in the famous frescoes, ornate pipe organ and the rose window. we would learn all about the miracle that prompted its construction.

but the feeling i got, sitting on her steps one last time was more memorable. in front of the giant bronze doors i felt peace.


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