but hera.

for years christian has been getting buffalo mozzarella from costco. when he discovered that our costco carried it he was beyond thrilled. he eagerly explained how it was the real deal. how it was imported from italy. how it was delicious. all of his exclamations fell on deaf ears (literally). when i looked at his container, all i saw were white slimy balls of cheese floating in a murky liquid. i let him eat those cheese balls, every one.

the same day we drove down the very narrow, winding amalfi coast we took a little detour to battipaglia. all three rome return missionaries were salivating before we pulled off the highway. in battipaglia, mozzarella di bufala restaurants are as prevalent as 24 hour mexican joints in arizona or teriyaki spots in seattle.

the boys ordered. it was much simpler than i had expected. you basically have three options – a plate filled with just mozzarella balls, a panino with mozzarella or caprese.

we sat at the plastic table with our wobbly plates full of wet cheese. my caprese was by far one of the best meals i had in italy. with every bite i regretted all the times i refused christian’s costco offerings. i could have been eating this all along!? i thought. overly satisfied after our gluttonous dairy indulgence, we stuffed ourselves back into the car and headed 24 km south.

in paestum, we explored greek ruins. roads built like those we saw in pompeii. amazingly preserved tomb paintings with graphic depictions of life. decaying but beautiful temples dedicated to gods and goddesses.

it was quiet and still. it felt like we were the only ones there and i loved it.

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when you sleep, cake


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