my mario.

earlier this week when we got the reminder email about our church halloween party my eyes bugged out when i saw our name listed under the soup list.

“why did you say we’d bring soup!?” 

the young women were semi-in charge of the party and i was helping to corral all the plans. i assumed that was our contribution to the party. but there our name was. for all the other church members to see. under the soup list.

“i’ll make it, don’t worry!” he said.

and so the night before he set out to make his soup.

is this enough onion? should i chop up another carrot? how long do these cook before i add the broth?

at one point i asked if that was the size he was leaving the potatoes. (the pieces were a good 2” x 1”). that was the size he wanted them. he reminded me that this was his soup.

the next night my mario came early and helped me set up. he realized a little too late that the crockpot full of his soup, that had sat in the fridge all night and up until the minute he brought it to the church, was not even close to luke-warm.

luckily no one knew which crock pot was ours.


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