vamos a comer.

the week of thanksgiving work was pretty stressful. i felt it start in my head and travel into my neck and shoulders until it set up camp in my back. it was seriously the mother of all knots.

i requested back rubs of christian. that’s what husbands are there for, right? he kindly offered to call our friend’s husband who is well skilled in all things massagery. i declined. i re-asked christian for a back rub. (i think his plan in this area is to perform the task so badly that i never ask again. but i kept asking.) every night menthol filled our room. christian complained while i slept.

tallie said i needed to relax. she suggested going to a korean bathhouse. had i ever been? um, no. although at my crazy last office fianna and i did overhear one kooky co-worker give intimate details about her annual visits to those types of establishments. apparently having your breasts exfoliated is empowering. who knew? well, i did not want to know. nor was i going to prance around a korean bathhouse.

she said i could just get a normal massage. i told her that was probably the fastest way to give me more knots in my back. i leave massages more tense than when i entered.

stumped she asked what i do to relax. my response was quick – baking or cooking. planning a menu. trying new recipes. all while listening to my podcasts or records.

so you can understand why, even though we were planning on spending thanksgiving with our friends, i had a turkey defrosting in the fridge and two loaves of white bread and homemade cornbread drying out on the counter.

thanksgiving appetizers.jpg

i brought my little appetizers to the babbel’s house and even shared my ambrosia. the prime rib was delicious. made by the very husband who has a massage table upstairs. this was a discussion at dinner. he offered to give christian some tips. christian just guzzled his sparkling cider.

my favorite part of thanksgiving was getting a tour of sundi’s new little room decked out in everything sponge bob and eating warm apple crisp while she ate her plain vanilla ice cream swimming in milk.

we finished the night off with some dance central at the menzies’ and visiting the parkes.

friday morning instead of shopping, i devoured brunch.


and saturday, i got to work on our second thanksgiving.


i learned that it is finally time i bought a meat thermometer. cornbread stuffing sounds like a good idea, but i prefer mine white and sagey. people are perplexed with my peach mashed potatoes with one sweet potato mixed in. and i should have made more of the fluffy honey rolls from america’s test kitchen. we only had two left.


6 thoughts on “vamos a comer.

  1. I had forgotten! That was one of many days when I wished our office walls were not so thin. Thank goodness for a friend like you to commiserate with! ❤
    P.S. Your mashed potatoes sound amazing.

  2. Everything is beautiful! I realized this year that I use baking/ cooking as stress relief which also explains why I prefer to cook alone. The challa french toast looks particularly divine! Recipe?

    1. Yay for cooking! I do like to do it alone as well. My friend Ashlee reminded me that I turn in to “kitch” when other people are trying to help me!

      I didn’t make the french toast, although I do have a challa recipe I need to try! It was at Portidge Bay Cafe in Seattle. They have an amazing topping bar! The left is blackberry/whipped cream. The right is raspberry/whipped cream. The middle was the winner! Brown sugar/coconut/pecans/blueberries! It was amazing.

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