you know how some babies are born with distinct characteristics? i think christian’s was loving football.

the redskins specifically.

there are stories told of baby him being super content to watch football with his dad. or the times he’d sneak a radio to bed with him, with the volume turned down low to hear the play by plays of the game.

over the years that we were friends and the short few months we dated i don’t recall deep discussions about football. or any sports for that matter. maybe that is just evidence that we didn’t date long enough. or maybe our differences were not significant enough to deter a lasting relationship.

perhaps the fact that i am crazy about sports movies (miracle, we are marshall, remember the titans, friday night lights…) bridges the gap. although christian hates fictional depictions and prefers the real thing.

i was raised in more of a basketball/baseball family, with my football knowledge greatly lacking. sure i went to high school games, but i didn’t pay attention. so when i bust out with little tidbits of information, or have opinions regarding teams, it makes christian laugh.

like how i can’t stand the patriots’ coach mostly because he is a cheater but also because he dresses sloppy. or that one super bowl i already knew all about how tony dungy was the first black coach at the super bowl. or how i prefer baby manning to his more famous brother because i just think his uniform is cooler.

early on in our marriage i realized i may have to come to some sort of terms regarding sports and my husband. you see, it wasn’t just the redskins. it was sunday, monday, thursday and saturday football. it was anything byu related. it was US soccer. it was golf tournaments which last all. weekend. long. it was wimbledon and the australian, french and US open at all hours of the night.

i realized that all those games just meant i had more time to cook and bake all while listening to podcasts. it became a beautiful thing. i could do my favorite thing while he did his favorite thing. and i could even be supportive with a congratulatory fist pump at the appropriate time when prompted. (but if we are being honest here, i’d have to say that i know DVRs are true. sports are so much better when you can skip over the commercials and referee talk.)

one distinct memory six years ago should have clued me in to christian and his sports love.

i was working the morning show which meant i’d sleep during the day. christian had come down to visit and while i slept he kept himself busy. i remember rolling over and barely opening my eyes to see him sitting indian style in front of my tv. he was wearing headphones. in my dreamy state i remember thinking how thoughtful he was to bring headphones to not bug me while i was sleeping. years later christian would prod my fuzzy memory. “didn’t you notice that i was watching espn??

lately there has been much jubilation over rg3 in our house. even when i hide upstairs i hear the the cheering.

most of my sports knowledge now days comes from either wilbon and tony on pardon the interruption or npr. last week after listening to npr talk all matter-of-factly about that very redskins player i came home to christian.

did you know rg3 is a rookie!? i said impressed.

he just shook his head, letting it sink in that i don’t pay very close attention when he sports talks.20121211-183309.jpg20121211-183317.jpg 20121211-183324.jpg 20121211-183437.jpg


4 thoughts on “rookie.

  1. Hail to the Redskins! I didn’t have the gear Christian had, but the fan-from-birth thing… I’m right there with him! Impress Christian and tell him you can’t wait to see if RGIII or Andrew Luck will be rookie of the year.

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