while we nothing heeded, god interceded.


in 2004 i discovered sufjan all while my roommate fell in love with him.  his christmas box set full of hymns and carols move me. his christian infused lyrics shake me. his records have been added to our collection and i love when his music fills my house.

it had been eight years since that first concert. this time i got to share him with my new roommate.

sufjan was on a tour dedicated to christmas music. we had never been to a show at the neptune even though we’ve driven passed it repeatedly. tickets were quickly sold out but somehow, a christmas miracle perhaps?, christian called the theater when 10 more tickets were released.

before the show we stopped to get melamine plates and cups. i already had a thanksgiving children’s set and had been carefully searching for a christmas set that focused on the savior and not santa. while they did have reindeer and snowmen and santa, they also had plates with birds that declared beautifully in red  joy to the world!

it was a bittersweet purchase.

doubt attempted to change my mind, telling me i was foolish to add to my children supplies. especially considering what i was dealing with that very night. i was losing another pregnancy. an extremely short, but not any less heart-wrenching, pregnancy. i pushed any fearful thoughts out and made my purchase.

we enjoyed our old neighborhoods that still feel like home. we ate cheeseburgers and fries at dick’s on 45th. we waited in line for the doors to open.

the next hour lifted my heavy heart.

the show had a sing-a-long element with a price is right type wheel. we had song books and joined in with the singing.

i have been to many shows before. i have sung along with the crowds and the band before.  but this show, on this night, was different.

here we were, all different kinds of people. one minute we were gleefully singing jingle bells and the next we were worshiping through music as we sang o, holy night.

interspersed with our singing and their performing, the lights would dim and sufjan’s band would sing a capella. their first song took my breath away. ah, holy jesus is reminiscent of my favorite easter hymn, o savior thou who wearest a crown.

they ended the set with another of my favorites, come thou fount of every blessing. i was stunned to hear that the entire theater was singing. we were singing his praise.  though strangers, we sang of his precious blood. of his intercession. of his power to rescue us from danger.

i felt that power and that love, on a saturday night, in a theater in seattle.


4 thoughts on “while we nothing heeded, god interceded.

  1. I also love Sufjan’s Christmas album (which reminds me I need to pull that out ASAP) and that show sounds amazing! Thoughts with you, Robin.

  2. I just wanted to say that I think you are amazing. Amazing girl, amazing writer, amazing faith, amazing in every way I can think of right now. My thoughts are with you. Sending hugs…I love reading/hearing the testimonies of people who are truly converted.Thanks again for sharing.

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