lately christian has been talking about joy. as in, everyone thinks i’m a joy to be around! kind of joy.

when he first said this i died laughing. i questioned his research, saying not everyone would consider him a joy. he asked me for an alternative descriptor.

i quickly thought about him: his side ebay business involving the hoarding and eventual appreciation of lego sets. his need to make any trip in the car efficient by adding on at least four errands to the original destination. his abhorrence of mayo. his closet, full of more clothes than mine. his need to get the best deal, which means he is in the return line at any given store weekly. his attention to detail especially when starting and completing a new project – in the same night. his assortment of knick-knacks, including but not limited to pez dispensers, mario, britpop, redskins, byu, and any artifact from the late 70’s/early 80’s.

after thinking about all of this i said, you’re interesting.

interesting? interesting?! he said, clearly not pleased. he felt like interesting was what you say about a dress or haircut that was fugly. not someone who is clearly a joy to be around. since that day he has tested his hypothesis by asking friends this question. joy seems to be winning out to interesting, but honestly, who is going to tell him he’s interesting to his face besides me!?

our little seattle apartment was surrounded by squirrels. we loved watching the little squirellys dash up trees or across the street. somewhere in there christian realized i wasn’t very familiar with chipmunks. my only reference had been alvin, simon and theodore. our first christmas santa brought me little critters in the mail.

maybe chipster and squirelly make me interesting!? i guess that would make us even. or at least our six year match a good one.


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