a new year.

one september when christian was in law school and i was reporting – we talked about getting married.

he’d make the trek to visit me a few times. i was introduced to seattle and a ring all on the same trip. once we met up in utah in october.

my cousin overheard us discussing the when.

i thought we should wait until he finished school and get married in may. i’d even settle for a spring break wedding in march. christian teased and asked about a manuary wedding since i seemed to be fond of months starting with the letter m. january was too close, and given his school schedule it’d be a tight fit.

just get married at christmas! becky interjected.

and we did. but i never really wanted a christmas wedding. i wanted it to be a new year’s wedding. we got married the closest to new years possible that year. the 29th.

i remember the snotty rental lady when i went in to get my table cloths. we don’t have any red or green. she said without looking up. that’s great! i said, because i want lime, tangerine, lemon, turquoise, purple and hot pink.

with a mexican fiesta reception and noise makers for the send off i thought i did a good job keeping it a strictly new years’ focused event.

as our anniversaries acrue i have realized that they will always be overshadowed by the holiday. as well as the dismal weather. and the heightened travel prices.

previous december 29ths have been rather hit or miss:

  • there was our first anniversary – which we shared with christian’s grandparents.
  • our second was a one night stay at a scottsdale resort where we played tennis in our pajamas.
  • the third was exotic and warm in cancun with a mini fridge that replenished itself with mexican cokes.
  • our fourth brought us back to the bed & breakfast in port angeles where we spent our honeymoon.
  • possibly the most infamous is our fifth. with nothing planned, in our new town nowhere near any good eateries, we went to applebee’s. for the 2 for $20 deal. i hate applebee’s. christian does too, but he likes deals. he thought this would be hilarious. something we’d look back on and say, remember our 5th anniversary when we celebrated at applebee’s?

our 6th was really great. since moving to seattle i have not partaken of pho (which i pronounce foe). pho is on every corner much like mexican joints are in phoenix. it was decided, we’d eat pho. and we invited friends. both couples were slightly apprehensive to join us for our anniversary dinner. i promised we would not share a bowl and eat the same noodle from different ends like lady & the tramp.

it was fun. and good. christian even got an avocado drink that reminded me of brazil. the verdict? anniversary success! although i think this girl is more of a teriyaki girl. thankfully that is the second most popular food here. maybe next year!

six pho.jpg


3 thoughts on “a new year.

  1. December 29, 2006 – BEST day to get married EVAH!
    You forgot to mention your darling Swatch. It merits its own post. Just saying.
    Funny enough, Taylor and I have never spent our anniversary with just the two of us – we’re either on a family vacation or staying with family. Maybe our 10th anniversary will be the special one?

  2. We have random anniversary celebrations, too. And I pronounce it “foe,” too! By the way, Tony wants to know if Christian is excited basketball is returning to Seattle.

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