we’re glad you came our way.

i remember the last day at my campus job, i was a copy girl in the library. we became pretty chummy with the library security guards. the week of graduation one guy stopped by to ask what my plans were. i told him i was moving to washington dc.

he semi-sputtered, “but you’re not married! you don’t even have a boyfriend!” i think his shock stemmed from the fact that at the ripe old age of 24 i would leave the mecca of all single mormondom. what that poor library security guard didn’t know was that contrary to popular belief, many women graduate from byu husbandless and dare i say it, boyfriendless. he also didn’t know, and neither did i, that the maryland/dc/nova region was ample in its young lds single adult supply.

at my first tv station everyone seemed shocked that a girl most recently from utah, had friends and invites to multiple activities just weeks after moving to an unfamiliar city. my tv friends did not understand the organization of the mormon church. we are organized by boundaries. when we move, based on our address, we easily figure out which congregation we are assigned and which chapel we will attend. with the exception of the younger single members, we generally do not church hop. we don’t audition bishops or pick the congregation of our friends or ask for transfers. simply put, we go where we are assigned.

after months of rumor and speculation, we attended a special church meeting where the new boundaries were revealed. maple valley grew from five to six congregations. to make that happen essentially half of our old congregation would be joining half of another congregation. half of that congregation and a chunk of our neighborhood would build the newly created congregation. did you follow that?

in just a year and a half we had grown to really love our congregation. we  made great friends. we loved the bishop. we had recently become closer to other families. the majority of which live north of us, and north of the new boundary. the change also means that out of my little sunday school class, only two would stay with us.

the week before we found out the changes – our congregation held its last activity together. it was simple, but sweet. we socialized with families that we will still be friends with, but it will just be different. i spent most of the night being chased down by my little class. they helped round up the kids who were there for this picture.

valiant nines
malynn + carsen + ammon + sundi + maddy + little leena & kali

even though i’m not their teacher, and i won’t see them every sunday (except malynn), i wanted to keep them. i wasn’t ready to give them up.


2 thoughts on “we’re glad you came our way.

  1. You know how I met Dan? A blind date because all of my friends were desperate that I find someone before I ventured into the great unknown as a single lady. Three weeks before I graduated, one of my best friends introduced us, because as she said, “You are both old and nice.” I left BYU and he followed me and then I followed him back to Utah. I think there was even a contigency plan in place if all of that following didn’t work. Dan’s best friend, one Christian Molnar, had taken a job in Boise and invited Dan to come work with him. I was planning on getting my masters at BSU.
    I’m glad for Malynn that she gets to come to the new ward with people that she knows and loves. She was pretty discouraged when she realized that Kate would be the only one out of her whole group coming with her. She was so excited to see you on Sunday. 🙂

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