a loaf of bread, a carton of milk and a stick of butter.

christian is clearly a better shopper than me.

i probably could be a good shopper if i tried harder but i don’t care as much as he does about deals. and i definitely don’t want to waste my time going from store to store to make returns or get price adjustments. the fact that christian vigilantly does these activities is great for our family budget. but it’s not so great when it comes time to buy him presents. i have learned to just let him buy his own presents and call it good.

i definitely make purchasing decisions based on colors, shapes and sizes. they offer something in miniature? sold! the item comes in adorable packaging? i want it!

this week at the grocery store i was looking for new snacks. i wanted to take a break from my apple and string cheese morning snack. while browsing the 90 calorie chewy granola bars caught my eye. i picked two flavors and headed home.

later that day i was showing christian how cute my 90 calorie granola bars were. were they a good deal? he asked. not exactly, i said. then he asked how many calories a normal granola bar has. i went to the pantry to check the ginormous costco box of normal chewy granola bars. these bars are to send to my little sister who is starving at college. those granola bars were a whopping 100 calories.

i realized my mistake while christian laughed. i had been suckered in by cute packaging and misleading advertising. and for what? more money and 10 fewer calories. maybe i’ll just stick to giving christian shopping lists. he was disappointed i had already eaten one from each box. otherwise he would have returned those boxes stat.


2 thoughts on “a loaf of bread, a carton of milk and a stick of butter.

  1. Last week I watched a gripping episode of “Extreme Couponing” while I folded laundry. I thought about Christain and thought the extreme couponing lifestyle might be a good fit for him;-)

  2. I’m a sucker for cute packaging. And marshmallows. In our pantry we have pumpkin spice marshmallows, flat marshmallows, strawberry marshmallows, fruit shaped/flavored marshmallows, toasted coconut marshmallows, mini marshmallows, Campfire giant marshmallows, and there might still be star shaped marshmallows. Show me a new marshmallow and I’ll probably get it.

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