california dreamin’ on such a winter’s day.

we left an icy seattle with its crunchy frosted grass and car windows that needed scraping. christian was heeding the call of a work conference in anaheim. i was a stowaway hoping for tacos, sunshine and friends.

it seemed a little cruel to lock up dozens of employees from all over the country in the disneyland resort hotel conference center of all places. everything in our room had mickey’s ears. the faucets, the bath tiles, the wall paper, even our sheets. it wasn’t until the last night we realized a switch made the headboard light up with fireworks and play it’s a small world. cozy or creepy, i’m still not sure which….

while christian worked, i played. i discovered the best way to run on a treadmill is to have it connected to the tv so that you can watch non-stop law & order marathons. i also realized exploring LA is better with experts.

jihan introduced me to the sprinkles cupcake atm. i picked a lemon coconut. i saw her studio and met her dog alvie. we ate tacos at guisado’s. we enjoyed the moth storytelling hour and i ate the best egg rolls of my life. did you know you wrap the egg roll in a huge lettuce leaf with carrots and cucumbers before dunking it in sauce!?

heather, ella and tommy showed me around santa monica. first up, tacos at tacos por favor. it was almost as if i were at filiberto’s. we walked along the beach and ate giant cookies. but best of all we were able to catch up after four years.

one whole day i lounged by the pool. in the warm sun. and that evening christian’s work week closed out on john wayne’s yacht. we chatted with co-workers. ate appetizers and i kept the bartender on his toes: coke with lime, a shirley temple and cranberry with lime.

we returned to our room and spread out both the disneyland and california adventure maps on the bed to eagerly plan the next day.

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One thought on “california dreamin’ on such a winter’s day.

  1. My favorite way to work out is to run on a treadmill and watch “Law and Order” re-runs. Completely not kidding!! I knew we were friends for a reason. Well, okay, that reason and many others. HAPPY LATE B-DAY! “Let’s get together, la-la-la, We’ll have lots of fun.” Wow, I need to go home from work 🙂

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