the last time i had been to disneyland i had poofy bangs and was wearing a fanny pack. i remember captain eo being the new attraction. i also didn’t know anything about a second park called california adventure. christian had only been to disney world. we talked to a few disney expert families to prepare.

our hotel got us one hour early access to california adventure and we decided to head straight to cars land. who knew our first stop of the day would be our favorite of the entire day. radiator springs was completely recreated. from there christian rode california screamin’ and i toured the mini boudin factory. the next stop was the tower of terror. christian was perplexed as to why i was in line for this ride. i didn’t realize i should be afraid until we were strapped in to the death elevator and there was no way out. i am surprised i did not have a heart attack on that ride. i’m pretty sure the whole room laughed at me when we stopped, including christian. never again tower of terror!

as we made our way back to the entrance we stumbled upon a street performance. i couldn’t believe my luck. it was the newsies! i pushed my way to the front of the crowd. i made sure christian understood this didn’t count as him actually taking me to the broadway show.

in disneyland we mistakenly rode space mountain and star tours back to back. we almost barfed. we sat down to gather our stomachs before anything else. the indiana jones ride was a little disappointing. i think we may have gotten whiplash from all the off-roading! the haunted mansion experienced some difficulties while we waited with ghosts swirling around us. and pirates of the caribbean had undergone a few changes since i had been there way back when. strategic pirates looked just like jack sparrow.

our favorite disneyland ride ended up being it’s a small world. it was all decked out still for christmas. our boat scooted past different children in different parts of the world celebrating the holiday. it was super cute.

the only character photo-op i wanted was with the incredible hulk, at the lego store, so maybe that doesn’t count.

by about 6pm we were wiped out. i honestly cannot imagine going to disneyland pregnant, or with a stroller or with babies or toddlers. we went back to california adventure to see cars land all lit up at night. and then we waited for an hour for world of color to start. i am glad we did – the show was amazing! a great finale to a very long day.

we slept in our mickey sheets one last time. in the morning we had the perfect california send off with the ortons and in-n-out burger.

california i already miss you.

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5 thoughts on “magic.

  1. Sad to hear the Indiana Jones ride was disappointing. Ben kinda has an obsession with with the movies and has been dying to go on the ride (since we’ve only ever been to Disney World where that ride does not exist). Oh well, all the other stuff sounds like fun though! Jealous!

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